Sunday Show - Vacation Edition

Are you planning to go on vacation this year?
What‘s your favorite travel destination within Europe?
What kind of vacation do you prefer?
How much money do you spend on an average vacation day per person?

Why make your showinteractive?


possible increase in audience rating*


possible less drop-out*


new possible target audiences*

Create polls that match your needswithin seconds

Simply build the polls you want, organize them however you prefer, and apply your personal branding. Your viewers won‘t even realize you‘re using a third-party service.

Variety of different polls available to match your ideas
Last minute changes are always possible,
even during live shows to keep you flexible
Polls are designed to match your brand,
so you remain in the spotlight

Share your interactive polls in the easiest way possible

Simply show your generated QR-Code on screen for your viewers to scan. It‘s that simple. No download, registration or install required. Participation has never been easier.

The QR-Code directly leads to your polls, making it easy for your viewers to interact
Participants are verified using GDPR-compliant software, so your polls are authentic and realistic
Your viewers privacy is always respected, which increases trust in your program

Display your polls results and make your viewers feel heard

Select the polls you want to show to your viewers. In the TV output, you can display results in different diagram types, word clouds, and more. This keeps your audience engaged and interested, bringing you the success among the competition.

We use anti-fraud systems to help you achieve authentic results
You can decide if and which polls you show until last minute
All anonymous results are available to you in your admin panel

Check out the most popular features

GDPR compliant
Your viewers‘ privacy is respected at all times. ReactionLink does neither collect nor share private information.
different pools available at ReactionLink depending on need of customers
Whitelabel Solution
ReactionLink adapts to your show and branding. Your viewers will feel like they never left your show‘s cosmos.
Single & Multiple choice
Create your MC polls with any number of answers. Change the settings, wordings and order of polls up to the last minute if needed.
TV output of poll results
TV Output
Display your polls‘ results to your viewers at home with the TV Output. Incorporating your viewers‘ opinion into the show has never been easier.
Slider question on a mobile phone screen
Slider questions
Ideal for letting your audience guess or state amounts of any kind. Average results can be shown via TV Output.
If enabled, your viewers can leave anonymous comments and feedback with each interaction. All comments are hidden from other viewers.
Real answers only
We use GDPR-compliant software to verify each viewer. Bots are immediately sorted out and not able to interact with your show.
On site support
To get better acquainted with the tool, we offer personal demos, tutorials and, if wanted, on site support during your show.
Gathering Leads
To make your editors‘ lives easier, you can gather leads for your show. You‘ll reach prospects easier, filter by topic or pre-select accodingly.